Data Logging Service

The Data Logging Service (DLS) is a measurement data acquisition system for EtherLab that can record, compress and efficiently store measurement data from real-time applications with high sampling rates. The aim is to provide the user with unrestricted and high-performance access to the stored data. An annual overview can be retrieved just as quickly as a small signal fluctuation in a fraction of a second. The DLS is network-based and consists of an acquisition service, a graphical user interface for Linux and Windows, as well as programming libraries.

Source code on GitLab

The source code of the DLS can be found on GitLab.

Ready-made packages in the Open Build Service

With the packages from the Open Build Service, you can get started right away.

Download for Windows

Download the open source measuring data viewer DLSGUI for Windows and start right away.


PDF manual (english, german)