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IgH EtherCAT Master for Linux

See the list of features for the IgH EtherCAT® Master.

There is also a table of supported Ethernet hardware, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions available.


All the source code available through IgH is licensed under the GPLv2 license.


The license above concerns the source code only. Using the EtherCAT technology and brand is only permitted in compliance with the industrial property and similar rights of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.

Repository Access

Please note that in beginning of 2021 the revision control system has been changed from Mercurial to Git.

The Git repository of the EtherCAT master is hosted on GitLab. The following command can be used to clone the repository in order to get the latest revisions:

git clone

Please make sure that you check out the stable branch stable-1.5 after cloning. You can use the following command for that:

git checkout stable-1.5

File Downloads

Release Date
Current Version current
Version 1.5.2 2013-02-12
Version 1.5.1 2012-02-07
Version 1.5.0 2012-01-10
Version 1.4.0 2008-12-29
Version 1.4.0-rc3 2008-10-02
Version 1.4.0-rc2 2008-08-27
Version 1.4.0-rc1 2008-08-01
Version 1.3.2 2007-10-04
Version 1.3.1 2007-09-17
Version 1.3.0 2007-08-10
Version 1.2.0 2007-02-13
Version 1.1.1 2006-11-07
Version 1.1, revision 535 2006-09-01
Version 1.0, revision 492 2006-08-02

Integrity Check

EtherLab-Software is signed with one or more of the following keys:

pub   1024D/CCA047CC 2007-12-18 [expires: 2012-12-16]
      Key fingerprint = 0081 4005 FE9F 73FF 4BDA  A409 0011 4E20 CCA0 47CC
uid                  Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Pose (Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH GmbH) <>
sub   2048g/7595606A 2007-12-18 [expires: 2012-12-16]
pub   1024D/EBDAAF9D 2004-12-25
      Key fingerprint = A652 E009 D3FA C91D 566F  99D6 4D20 1D59 EBDA AF9D
uid                  Florian Pose <>
uid                  Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Pose (Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH) <>
sub   2048g/E64BDA6F 2004-12-25