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What is EtherLab®?

EtherLab® is a technology combining hard- and software for test and automation purposes. EtherLab® is not a product but a technique built from reliable and well known components and also new technical approaches.

EtherLab Diagram

Basically EtherLab® works as a Real Time kernel module attached to the open source operating system Linux® communicating with peripherals devices by a special Ethernet technology, known as EtherCAT®.

Maybe you know dSpace joined to MATLAB® or solutions of NI, like DIADEM® or LabView®, then you know what EtherLab® can do. But there is a small but fine difference: EtherLab® is Open Source, so far as possible. That's the reason you cannot buy EtherLab®, but you can get it, here: Components or there:

EtherLab® is very flexible, both softwaresides and hardwaresides. You only have to buy the channels you really need and you develop only the software you are in need of. EtherLab® concludes all the rest: Sources are translated by the control computer and loaded as Kernel module and the control unit is already done!



Here you can download the EtherLab brochure [pdf, 800K].