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The Testmanager is a graphical application, that was made for visualizing parameters and signals of an EtherLab control process. The application is connected to the control process via the MSR protocol (2345/tcp).

Parameters and signals of the control process are registered within the application. These values can be dynamically linked to operation- and visualization instruments. For that, the Testmanager gets a flexible and user-friendly operator's application.

Testmanager runs as a all-in-one executable with every Windows version on one or many operator's PCs. Optionally, it can be run under Linux via Wine.

Testmanager, originally developed via Delphi under Windows, is re-worked since end of 2017. The platform-independent graphical toolkit Qt is used for this. The current working title is "Testmanager NG". For adventurous ones the source code is available on Sourceforge (see below) and binary packages for Linux are available on Open Build Service (see below).

Repository Access (Testmanager NG only)

Testmanager's Mercurial repository is hosted on SourceForge. The following command can be used to clone the repository in order to get the latest revisions:

hg clone testmanager-hg

The repository can also be browsed online.


Binary packages for Linux can be downloaded from Open Build Service.

Release Date
Version 3.6.4 (current) 2014-03-20
Version 3.5.12 2012-08-17
Version 3.4.57 2012-02-07
Version 3.4.32e (english)
  • Win32 executable [exe] [sig]
  • Documentation (german) [pdf]
Version 3.4.20e (english)
  • Win32 executable [exe] [sig]
  • Documentation (german) [pdf]
Version 3.4.2 2007-09-17