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Hexapod Control

A hexapod consists of an operating platform, which can be moved by six actuators in all six spatial degrees of freedom. This actuators are operated hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically depending upon range of application.

Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH developed a hingeless hexapod propelled by electromagnets, in order to achieve a very exact positioning with very small movement. The operating platform can be moved by six double acting electromagnetic actuators in all degrees of freedom. The position of the electromagnetic anchors is measured with eddy current distance sensors. The actuators are likewise a self-development.

For the regulation of the actuator, combined force/position control is used. The twelve electromagnets are controlled seperately. Therefore a clocking output stage with PWM-full-bridge is used for each magnet.

The control program was developed using the EtherLab®-Technology.

Further information

Here you can download a short hexapod information [pdf, 640K, german].

Here you can watch a short video sequence, that shows the hexapod in action.