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An example EtherLab® application

The contents of a tank should have a constant temperature. The tank can be heated up by a heating element that can be switched on and off via a discrete 24V signal. The cooling happens through the loss of heat to the environment, when the heating is switched off. There are three signals from temperature sensors measuring at different places, and supplying the necessary temperature information as analog signals ranging from 0V to 10V.


The analog-in slave E3112 (see picture) and the digital-out slave EL2004 are dragged upon the Simulink model window. The signal path from input to output is closed by adding a few more standard blocks. After customizing the blocks, the model is ready for use. The new model is directly translated into a source file, using RTW functionality. Further, this file is processed by the control computer and is finally loaded as a Linux kernel module.

Parameter Scope