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The name EtherLab stands for an open-source solution for automation and test purposes including Matlab/Simulink and EtherCAT support. Below is a short summary of what EtherLab is capable of:

The EtherLab package can be subdivided into the components listed below:

Repository Access

The Mercurial repository of EtherLab is hosted on SourceForge. The following command can be used to clone the repository in order to get the latest revisions:

hg clone etherlab-code

Please note that the default branch is selected after cloning, which contains the PdServ/Preempt-RT version. For changing into another branch (for example stable-1.3 with the RTAI version) please use the following command:

hg update stable-1.3

The repository can also be browsed online.

File Downloads

Release Date
Version 2.1.0 (current) 2013-12-10
Version 2.0.0 2013-01-29
Version 1.3-rc3 2012-02-07
Version 1.2-rc10 2010-08-13
Version 1.2-rc5 2009-02-20
Version 1.2-rc1 2008-09-24
Version 1.1.1 2007-09-17
Version 1.0 2006-11-08