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The Testmanager is a graphical application, that was made for visualizing parameters and signals of an EtherLab control process. The application is connected to the control process via TCP/IP port 2345. An XML-based protocol is used for the communication.

Parameters and signals of the control process are registered within the application. These values can be dynamically linked to operation- and visualization instruments. For that, the Testmanager gets a flexible and user-friendly operator's application.

Testmanager runs as a all-in-one executable with every Windows version on one or many operator's PCs. Optionally, it can be run under Linux via Wine.


Release Date
Version 3.6.4 (current) 2014-03-20
Version 3.5.12 2012-08-17
Version 3.4.57 2012-02-07
Version 3.4.32e (english)
  • Win32 executable [exe] [sig]
  • Documentation (german) [pdf]
Version 3.4.20e (english)
  • Win32 executable [exe] [sig]
  • Documentation (german) [pdf]
Version 3.4.2 2007-09-17

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